Thank You! And future update news

I continue to be grateful and humbled that Smolitaire has been fairly consistently among the top Playdate games on itch, and for all the kind words and generosity from players!

This is just a short update to say that I’m working on an update for the game that will include some oft-requested features:

  • Resume game! pick up where you left off
  • Game Options:
    • Hard Mode (kings only in blanks, limits on shuffles)
    • Options for backdrop, and card backs
    • Large Glyph Mode for accessibility
    • Faster delays on held-button actions like undo and whole-stack pickup
  • 1 and 2-suit variations of Spiderette
  • and more

Thanks again for your support, and stay tuned for beta builds.

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Thank you! The game has been great so far. Looking forward to the other Spiderette modes. I really enjoy the normal one, but it is pretty hard. Think a lot of games are unwinnable.