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A collection of solitaire games built for the Playdate.

Choose from 3 games:

  • Klondike- the classic. Stack alternating color cards in piles, uncover all the flipped cards, and sort them into their suits.
  • Spiderette- A one-deck spider solitaire variation for smaller screens. Uncover and sort as much as you can before having to reveal the next wave of cards.
  • Yukon- carefully jockey unordered stacks of cards by moving them into ordered piles.

Built for the Playdate

  • Built using the Playdate SDK
  • Original graphics and fonts designed specifically for the hardware
  • Grab multiple cards by pressing A multiple times, or grab a whole handful by holding the A button.
  • Tidy up the board by using the crank to move cards into their top piles!


  • A Button
    • Menu Select
    • Add card to hand
    • Deposit cards in a pile
    • Hold to pick up many cards
  • B Button
    • Menu Back
    • Cancel current action
    • Hold to undo moves during gameplay
  • Crank (not required to play the game)
    • Automatically move cards from piles into the winning foundations
    • Pick up and put down cards in a pile
StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
AuthorTwenty Minute Mile
GenreCard Game
TagsPlaydate, solitaire
Average sessionA few minutes


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Smolitaire 1.0.1 for Playdate 302 kB
smolitaire-1.2.0beta1.pdx.zip 313 kB

Development log


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Decided to buy this on Catalog and wow, I finally understand why people like Solitaire. Super super fun and nice.

Do you know the difference between the Catalog version and versions here? There hasn't been a dev log since it's on Catalog

Hi, from what I could tell there wasn't a difference (unless there were some minor things under the hood).


having a ton of fun with the game! this was the first time i encountered the yukon version of solitaire.

with the yukon rule not working as others have said there is also spiderette that has a missing rule, you can draw cards while there is an empty slot on the board, this should not be possible.

would it also be possible to add stats on the pause menu (playdate menu button) for how many games won in total? thanks in advance

Hi! Thank you so much for the game. This is a great version of solitaire for Playdate. Love it!

I would like to report a bug!

I downloaded the beta version and every time I try to select Yukon, the game just crashes and the console reboots.

Can you please advise me what is wrong?

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This is a top quality Playdate game and lots of fun! Thank you so much! :)

Just echoing 2 pieces of feedback others have given already, played with the beta:

- It is possible to place any card on an empty space, not just Kings, which is against the rules. (As mentioned by Raccoon Formality)

- The "Move cards up" via crank could be given as a hint when you are left with obviously solved stacks. In our initial games we forgot about the crank and didn't read the help of course. ;) (As mentioned by Domedin)


I don't know if you are supposed to be able to do this, but i am able to place cards that aren't kings in blank spaces.

I'm also not 100% sure what the rules of solitaire are lol


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An excellent version of solitaire for The Playdate. It is very addicting and very well made and the usage of the crank in this game is very well done.

Edit: also found an error. When you press new game twice in fast succession, it crashes the Playdate.

thank you for the bug report! will look into it.

Absolutely perfect little solitaire game. :) I have no complaints

A autocomplete feature would be nice after you solve all of the puzzle part since the playdate is so slow to move cards in.


You can use the crank to do the “autocomplete” you’re describing but I could also try to speed that animation up some!

Been playing loads of this and loving it, thanks so much for making it! Never played Spiderette before but it's my new favourite

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Is the update still planned for this? I'm looking forward to new backgrounds and card backs!


Yes! I’ve been bogged down with Day Job but I’m going to set aside some time at the end of the year to focus. Thanks for your patience!

It's Solitaire with a few variants which is very appreciated depending on how much my brain is working at any given time. Equally impressive is how much the developer managed to cram on to that little screen and still keep it legible.

Great Solitaire game....

Loads of fun, and a great way to kill 10 minutes.....

I can't believe how much I'm playing to this! Any plan on adding game stats? On top of this it would be nice if there would be an option to "autofinish" a game that is already set to end but all there's left to do is move down all the remaining stack. Thank you very much for your effort!


Love the way the crank is incorporated. Reminds me in a nostalgic way of solitaire on my old dumb phone. One of the things I've got the most time out of on playdate atm.


I wouldn’t have expected the crank to add much value to Solitaire but it’s very satisfying to use the crank to auto-complete the game once all the cards are revealed. Well done!

Quickly realizing this will be my favorite play date evergreen game! Hehe. Came back to give you some money :)

This is the game I'm playing the most on my Playdate!  A lovely little solitaire game...

Only thing that would make it better is if the developer wanted to add FreeCell ;P

Nice polished game, I like what you did with the backgrounds. The only thing missing is saving my progress when returning to the home screen.

You need to tag the game (tag it's for windows,mac or linux in the settings) so the itch.io game client can install the game. Otherwise many people can't play it.


Does the itch.io client work with the Playdate console? This game only runs on the console hardware.


Been really enjoying this game! Turning the crank to send all the cards to their respective piles at the end of a game feels so satisfying.

I've been curious though, is there a way to trigger the different Klondike win animations? I really like the cascading effect but have only seemed to get it a couple times 

Hi, holding down A to pick up a card pile sometimes reveals cards in the stack that haven't been revealed and can't actually be picked up yet. I think this happens when the cards in question coincidentally are alternating colors off of the highest revealed card, but I am not sure. Hope this helps!


Thank you for the bug report! I’m working on a fix and will be publishing it in the next couple days.

I've noticed this too, mostly when it's a covered card that you would be able to place the top uncovered card on. Like just playing a minute ago, I had a stack up to a black Queen card with the stack of covered cards underneath, and when I would hold to pick up that column, it would reveal a red King and move it off of that stack. Placing them in another location will leave the card hidden until it is uncovered normally.

That's great! One other bit of feedback - I think the timing for picking up the full stack of cards by holding A could be sped up a good bit. The Playdate's buttons are snappy enough, I think most people are going to be able  to single-click for a single card without this causing any problems.

This one is more of a value judgment than a bug report, so I won't be mad if you disagree and keep it the way it is, but I thought I'd throw in my 2c just in case!

right now I’m using the playdate default “A Button Held” timeout which is ~1 second. I agree it could be a bit shorter, I’ll just need to roll my own timer (as I do for the undo). I’ll look into it for an update!


Heads up that I’ve released v1.0.1 to address this specific bug.

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Loving this so far! Just noticed that in Klondike you can use any card to fill a space and not just kings. Just helped me win a game through some cheating but I’m thinking probably not intentional.


Right now that’s intentional! I’m planning on adding an option for turning on/off the king rule but until that’s built I figured I’d err on the permissive side and let players restrict themselves for more of a challenge.

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Thanks for responding! That makes sense, that’s how I’ve been handling it so far but hiding it in a cheat menu to keep people like myself honest would be amazing. 😁

The sound effects are 😙👌


I'm enjoying this! Really simple and fun.

A couple things I noticed in Klondike:

  • When you pick up an Ace from a foundation, you can't press A to put it back, you have to press B. Nothing huge, just a small thing.
  • In most Klondike games I've played, when you're restarting the draw pile, it shows no cards drawn. I have a habit of hitting it twice, but here that makes me skip the first draw. Maybe make it optional? Or I could just get used to it. lol

Thanks for this nice addition to my library!